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This page will be greatly augmented soon.
I'll make a list of all know problems and their solutions. Until then, you can find some of them in the FAQ and in the Technical Support forum as stickies.
Some very Frequently Asked Questions:

• I'm stuck at requesting a new account.
Restart the client.

• I can't connect to the server.
Keep trying, restart if necessary. If it never worked, check your ports.

• How do I change server without restarting ?
No choice.

• How do I move the chat window ?
Open the console with `, type Chanwindow.canMove = 1; and press Enter.

• Where is the hostage exit zone ?
Select a hostage to indicate the exits. They are not yellow as the manual says. When a green and a red zone overlap it appears yellow.

• What does "Check" do ?
For details on every orders, see the Guide to Basic Mechanics for MP.	

• What happen if my opponent doesn't play his turn ?
After 2 weeks if he didn't play the first turn the game will be deleted, if he did he'll lose the maximum points and you'll win 1 (score) point.

• YouTube video upload failed.
In the same menu you can choose to record locally, this will create a record.ogv file in FS's directory that you can upload  manually.