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Frozen Synapse Campaign Missions Walkthrough Guide

Watch HD playthroughs of the 55 singleplayer missions

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Here you can find playthroughs (video recording) of each of the 55 missions from the singleplayer campaign.
You also get a spreadsheet with details for each mission that you can use to write down your progress. It contains all the missions codes, the seeds corresponding to the playthroughs, the mission types, number of rounds and enemies etc etc.

Click the Playlist button to display all missions.

Also check out the Singleplayer Tactics Mini-Guide
And if you're a hardcore gamer try to beat the records.

Nashar: Incursion
Nashar: Massacre
Nashar: Extraction
Power Plant: Incursion
Power Plant: The Hack
Power Plant: Assassination
The Studio: Incursion
The Studio: Clearance
The Studio: Broadcast
Blue Sunlight: Defend the Barracks
Blue Sunlight: Attack the Chapel
Blue Sunlight: Shape Projector Takedown
Cairn Habitat: Defend the Habitat
Cairn Habitat: Push Back
Cairn Habitat: Shape Purge
Novena: Defend the Base
Novena: Counter
Novena: The Meeting
Ninstar: The Lobby
Ninstar: Second Floor
Ninstar: The Corridor
Dillinger: Break the Compound
Dillinger: Security Takedown
Dillinger: The Negotiation
Base 77 Approach: Gain Access
Base 77 Approach: Data Harvest
Base 77 Approach: Set up the Bomb
Devastator: First Encounter
Devastator: Steal the Plans
Devastator: Facility Takedown
Brightling: Blue Sunlight
Brightling: Hostage SItuation
Brightling: Emmanuel's Doubt
Brightling Core: Connection
Brightling Core: Stop the Charge
Brightling Core: The Shape Portal
Brightling Conclusion: The Library
Brightling Conclusion: Disrupt the Shape
Brightling Conclusion: Fighting in the Square
Terman Bank: Hacking In
Terman Bank: Break the Vault
Terman Bank: Cashing In
Open Warfare: Clemens Square
Open Warfare: Rapid Takedown
Open Warfare: Protection
Finding Nix: Save Belacqua
Finding Nix: Reaching
Finding Nix: The Escape
Glass Tower: Incursion
Glass Tower: Courtyard
Glass Tower: Access Control
Endgame: The Corridor
Endgame: Ouroboros
Endgame: The Reversal