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Frozen Synapse Guide to Advanced Mechanics & Tactics for Multiplayer

Learn combat principles, unit characteristics, tactics, strategies, hints tips and tricks.

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This guide not only reassemble all information scattered around the forums, wiki and other mini guides. It goes much deeper into the subject of mechanics, tactics and even strategy. There is simply no equivalent resource to this 67 pages, 14700 words and 18 illustrations reference manual.

Now Available ! The first and only in-depth guide for Frozen Synapse.

What this guide will do for you:


• you’ll learn tips and basic principles that make a difference and lead to victory • you’ll discover & understand all orders and controls including those not mentioned or explained in the tutorial or manual • you’ll get a clear explanation on how play and thus win each game type • you'll stop to suck at this game and start to kick ass !


• you’ll get a robust step by step methodology beyond simple guesswork to win all your games • you’ll learn the advanced mechanics, to know exactly how you can win or survive in all encounters and why exactly you lost in some of them • you’ll be taught the various fire and maneuverer techniques that can give you the advantage in combat


• you’ll learn all ranges, speed, rates, delays covers and all timing mechanics for all units - knowledge that can lead to new techniques and new tactics • cut your planning time by 2 by making the right move first and not needing to simulate until it is right • you’ll get an insight on “out of the game” strategies to become the number 1 ranked player and to win tournaments


• you should already know the things in this guide, if not, your rank is in danger ! global rankings you elo 640.gif
Gain Grand Server Supremacy !

What's in the guide:

Part 1: Basic Mechanics

How to play. Common misconceptions • the concept and how it’s played • all keyboard controls and HUDs detailed • nature of levels • different unit classes • different game modes • each game type with its goal, rules and score • each order / command explained in relation to others.

Part 2: Advanced Mechanics

How to get the advantage. Exclusive information: All characteristics for all units • movement speeds in all stances • weapon and sight ranges, aiming, firing and death shot timespans • security distances to win or survive • combat principles (mechanic of an encounter) • rushers, delayers, extenders and variators explained among which "cover".

Part 3: Tactics

How to win a game. General tactics such as combined arms, flanking, fire and maneuverer etc • detailed phases of a round and of a game to apply for a methodic win • hints, tips and tricks on information, distraction and cheating • FS specific techniques such as breaking line of fire, stacking, walking and firing through walls • game modes, game types, units and order specific tactics.

Part 4: Strategy

How to become N°1 Using your opponents' weaknesses • challenging them strategically • improving your skills • score and Elo rankings explained • strategy to rank higher quickly and easily.
Learn secrets Mode 7 doesn’t want you to know.

Detailed Table of Content:

(relevant to draft 3) About this guide Copyright Acknowledgement Introduction Dedication Differences with Single-player On Exactitude Next Editions Glossary Basic Mechanics Misconceptions Round, Planning, Simulation & Outcome Interface Keyboard & Mouse Controls On-Screen Controls General Interface Orders Toolkit Panel Focus & Ignore Lines Level Terrain Zones Units Direct Fire Units Indirect FIre Units No Fire Units Orders Moving Waiting Facing Aim Cancel Aim Check Duck Stand Direct Fire Engage on Sight Continue on Sight Focus on Enemy Ignore Enemy Clear F/I Focus on Zone Ignore Zone Clear F/I Indirect Fire Game Modes Light Dark Game Types About Extermination (Default settings, Goal, Rules, score ) Secure Charge Disputed Hostage Advanced Mechanics Unit Characteristics Security Distances Combat Principles Rushers Delayers Extenders Variators Timers by order of importance Tactics General Combat Tactics Steps Information Gathering information Spreading information Hiding information Distraction Cheating Dos & Don'ts FS-Specific Techniques How to... Units Orders Game Modes Light Dark Game Types Extermination Secure Charge Disputed Hostage Balanced games Strategy Opponent's Weaknesses Challenging a Player Skills Rank Elo based Score Based After Reading Feedback Contribution Notes

Pages overview:

You'll get so good that they won't know what hit them...
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What kind of guide it is:

Don't let those who already read it have the advantage.
Get your own copy !
There are basically two kind of game guides, professional and amateur. I’ve attempted to get the best of both worlds; in-depth text (13400 words & 62 pages) illustrated by meaningful graphics (13 schematics/screenshots, 12 tables/charts) along with the ease of use that none usually provide in a PDF: - large font that doesn’t require zooming to be readable - eyes friendly colour contrast - sidebar bookmarks for quick navigation - allowed commenting and printing (guadmetamu for short) • 4th draft • This is an unofficial but authorized game guide.


I'd say the guide has pretty much all the needed info. Some that even I did not know.
I've read a couple of pages and i really like it. All the timing aspect are really going to help in the future.
I'm impressed with the guide so far.
I was surprised how completely the combat mechanics were explained.

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