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What is this site about ?

This is a portal type of fan site about Frozen Synapse, an online multiplayer tactics video game developped by independent studio Mode 7. It aims to regroup and promote information and materials for the game's community. (Frozen → ice) + (Synapse → brain) = icebrain !

What can it do for me ?

Everything. Seriously, the goal of this portal is to bring everything that a FS player would need, into one place. Whether you are going to buy the game, just installed it or are a regular, this site will be your companion. Just browse the menus to get an idea. It also has an affiliate program.

Who runs this site ?

My player name is icebrain, it is derived from the game's name - this is why I decided to use the same name for this site. I joined Frozen Synapse in late February 2011 when it was still in its first beta version. I am not affiliated with Mode 7. I'm a Frenchman born in the early 80's. I've always been fond of video games and computer stuff. I started creating websites in 2000 and have been a “web entrepreneur” since then. Before joining FS I was a “scripter” in Second Life where I had a shop and made user tools.

How did it start ?

It started as a repository of all my FS related files. As I got more and more involved and other players created content, the need of a site dedicated to FS became evident.

How is this site made ?

Designed and coded from scratch in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. It's not very IE friendly. Its design is inspired on FS's UI redesign that I made in early 2011. There is a mirror at

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Privacy Policy

Personal information that you send to this site will not be used to abuse nor shared with third parties other than the ones required for this site to function (web host, statistics, payment, email marketing services). You have the right to have this information modified or deleted at any time. is a branch of WeSeGo, P-C, France. All content at is copyrighted to its author, unless specified otherwise. Fair use is made of the material taken from the Frozen Synapse game copyrighted to Mode 7.